What’s Changed?

I’ve just signed a new contract, committing myself to three more years in my wonderful office in the historic Brookwood Exchange Building. As I look forward to continuing to serve families in this welcoming spot, I am also thinking about how the choices available to my clients have changed over the last sixteen years. Before I began my practice, I returned to college for a graduate degree...
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I heard someone speaking about CPA the other day: continuous partial attention. I was half-listening well enough to tune into what he was saying, and I’ve been thinking about it ever since.  In this age of immediate communication, instant gratification, insatiable curiosity and incurable impatience, we are constantly doing several things at once.  Articles in the New York Times a few...
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Montana Dreamin’

One of my finest school trips of the summer entailed visiting eight far-flung Montana schools for everything from young kids with attachment disorders to pregnant young women learning to be attentive mothers. In between those institutional extremes I saw schools for adolescents with both issues to resolve and talents to develop, be they artistic, agrarian or equestrian. And between locations I...
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For twenty five years it has been my honor and pleasure to work with families seeking wise educational or therapeutic options for their children. I sought to provide a service that was compassionate, clinically sophisticated, and current in its knowledge of schools and programs. It has been gratifying work and my respect for “my families” is boundless.
I have now retired and commend potential clients to the fine consultants who are members of the Independent Educational Consultants Association and the Therapeutic Consultants Association. Atlanta has a particularly strong cohort of these professionals, and they will serve you well.
For my clients, I wish you well as you and your children continue on life’s journey. Thank you for entrusting me with being a fellow-traveler along part of this road.
Warm regards,