SSAT Testing in Atlanta

SSAT Testing in AtlantaChristie Woodfin is a member of the Secondary Schools Admissions Test Board, and Woodfin & Associates administers the SSAT Flex Test in our office setting.

The Flex Test is a way for students to take this admissions test at a time that is convenient for him or her, in a quiet settling, alone or with one or two other students.  The date and time of administration is arranged with our Atlanta office in advance, in order to insure that the student will have a distraction-free experience.   The Flex Test is particularly appropriate:

  • When the dates of the group administration test are inconvenient
  • When a student is likely to do better in an encouraging, individualized setting
  • When parents would like for a student who has taken the group test to take the test in a different setting in hopes that scores will improve

Special accommodations that have been granted by SSAT can be implemented in SSAT Flex testing, but one does not need to have a learning disability in order to take the Flex.

Schools give exactly the same weight to SSAT Flex and group administered tests.  But only one Flex test can be taken per student in an academic year.


Please contact our office at [email protected] or (404) 249-9898 in our office for additional details and fees.