The APA Discovers Wilderness

I wanted to share an article with you that has just come out. It is the cover article for the professional magazine of the American Psychological Association. I think it is of great interest to parents and folks who do what I do alike. And I’m excited about it!

The educational consultant who is quoted, Dr. Andy Erkis, is a colleague in Ohio with whom I collaborate often. And, of course, the wilderness program that they chose to focus on is one I’ve known – and respected – since its inception. It’s a little unfortunate that they didn’t deal with the scope of offerings in wilderness, except to say that different programs cater to different populations. But, after all, that’s where an educational consultant comes in: helping families navigate exactly which ones and which therapists fits their children’s needs.

Outpatient therapists have had a hard time understanding “the magic” that takes place in wilderness, and parents have difficulty realizing that it is a positive experience. I recall being shocked at the concept when I first began serving clients in need of therapeutic intervention. So this article may be helpful to various groups in addressing some of the misconceptions and coming to appreciate the benefits of wilderness.