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The most basic qualification for working with students and their families is enjoying and respecting children and adolescents. In addition to the commitment, warmth and enthusiasm that Christie Woodfin brings to her work in finding the best school for you, she possesses clinical training, years of experience, and current knowledge about educational institutions.

Christie Theriot Woodfin M.Ed., L.P.C.*, C.E.P.

Christie Woodfin smiling again a background of educational literature

Christie Theriot Woodfin, M.Ed, LPC, CEP is a Certified Educational Planner (the highest certification available in the field) and a member of both the Independent Educational Consultants Association and the Therapeutic Consultants Association.She has been an Independent Educational and Therapeutic Consultant since 1995.

Christie has served on the Board of Directors of IECA and chaired the Professional Development and Learning Disabilities Committees. She has also been a member of IECA’s Schools, Special Needs, and Nominating Committees, and served on the Ethics Task Force. Ms. Woodfin belongs to the Small Boarding Schools Association, and the National Association of Therapeutic Schools and Programs.

In striving to know schools and programs, learning issues and students as well as possible, Woodfin spends about 25% of her professional time enhancing her knowledge. She visits boarding schools, LD and therapeutic schools, post-secondary and wilderness programs. And, to keep educational and clinical knowledge current, she attends national conferences of organizations including The Independent Educational Consultants Association, Therapeutic Consultants Association, National Association of Therapeutic Schools and Programs, Small Boarding Schools Association and specialized conferences on different adolescent learning and such neurological issues as learning disabilities, and autism.

Ms. Woodfin was the first recipient of IECA’s Irvin J.Katz Award, recognizing volunteer service for her work in New Orleans following Hurricane Katrina. In 2018 she was awarded the CALO/Embark Distinguished Service Award at IECA “for a therapeutic consultant exhibiting years of unparalleled compassion, thoughtful guidance and vigorous family advocacy.” She serves clients from all over the U.S., but primarily ones from Atlanta, the Southeast and her native New Orleans.

Christie Woodfin holds a Master’s Degree in Counseling from the Educational Psychology Department of the University of Houston. She is licensed by the state of Texas as a Psychological Counselor. During her internship at Texas Children’s Hospital’s Learning Support Center, she worked with learning disabled, neurologically and emotionally impaired children and their parents in group settings.

In addition to her focus on students with learning issues, and emotional and behavioral problems, she is interested in gifted students, students on the Autism Spectrum, and adopted children.

Ms. Woodfin’s undergraduate degree is from Agnes Scott College, Atlanta, Georgia. Her secondary school experience was at Isidore Newman School in New Orleans.

Christie Woodfin has guided several hundred families in placing their students in boarding, specialized learning disability, therapeutic, and post-secondary settings. Her students’ families are her only clients and her only priority. She does not have a fiduciary relationship with any school or program and is unlimited in the institutions to which she can refer. However, she is widely known and respected by educators and therapists throughout the country.

Christie has two grown children, a girl and a boy.

* Licensed by the state of Texas as a psychological counselor.

Lori Posey

Lori Posey is Office Manager and Bookkeeper at Woodfin & Associates.  She has been with Christie Woodfin since 2005. She currently divides her time between assignments at Woodfin & Associates and Lockheed.  Prior to her current work she was the Manager of the Regus Executive Office location at Colony Square.

Lori is married and has three lively, polite and athletic sons.

Sherry Moore


Sherry Moore, Client Relations Manager

Sherry grew up in Marietta, Georgia. Prior to joining Woodfin & Associates in 2018, she worked for many years with children at Lost Mountain Stables, an equestrian riding and training facility in Cobb County.

Sherry is married and has four adult children and six grandchildren.


Picture of Tipitina, and black and white cat lounging in the sun

Tipitina is a rescue cat who was saved from a high-kill shelter in North Georgia.  She is an occasional presence at the office.  Her particular talent lies in her observational skills.

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For twenty five years it has been my honor and pleasure to work with families seeking wise educational or therapeutic options for their children. I sought to provide a service that was compassionate, clinically sophisticated, and current in its knowledge of schools and programs. It has been gratifying work and my respect for “my families” is boundless.
I have now retired and commend potential clients to the fine consultants who are members of the Independent Educational Consultants Association and the Therapeutic Consultants Association. Atlanta has a particularly strong cohort of these professionals, and they will serve you well.
For my clients, I wish you well as you and your children continue on life’s journey. Thank you for entrusting me with being a fellow-traveler along part of this road.
Warm regards,